Bill Lindsley

Artist Statement


The photographic print captures the moment - but one we are able to enjoy over and over again.  For me, at the feet of my father, I learned at an early age that the capturing enables one to stop and appreciate what might go unnoticed as we scurry about doing our things.  While some of my photos are of well-known places, most are not.  But my hope is that they encourage you - and me - to stop and see real beauty in seemingly insignificant people, places and things.  It is something I am still learning.  Learning to listen, to observe.  The great photographer Paul Strand, when asked how he chose his subject matter to photograph, replied:  "The answer is I don't; they choose me."   

These images are the moments that have chosen me. 


 Bill Lindsley took up photography in 1997.  He then completed a technical certificate in photography at Nashville State College.  His image, "Palais Royale, Paris" was selected and published as a finalist in the Best of College Photography, 1999.  Two of his pieces, "Palais Royale, Paris" and "Mardi Gras Handoff" were selected as part of a juried competition for TACA's Best of Tennessee Exhibition 2000, and toured the state.  In Spring 2000, he had three works selected for inclusion in NSTI's Tetrahedra journal.  His works have also been exhibited in a variety of settings.  His photos have won awards in various shows.  He is a member of the Society of Nashville Artistic Photographers, Brentwood Photography Group and Nashville Photography Group.


miscitalyfrance 072.JPG